ACDelco PF458G Oil Filter Review

ACDelco PF458G Oil Filter
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Searched Amazon.com for an oil filter for my HHR and found one for a very reasonable price and shipping arrangement as well..
Yes I would duplicate this order again and will if it is still available when oil change and filter time comes around again.
This purchase allowed me to have a cap for the oil filter too as well as new "O" ring which is necessary after a while over the multiple oil changes, but I prefer every oil change to be safe.
The price beat all local prices on this item and all Internet Prices I searched so needless to say I made the purchase along with a few other items needed and related. The free shipping was included with the purchase of these additional items and this review will be cut and pasted to those items as they are reviewed along with one added piece of information on the special socket for the oil cap removal review.

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